Welcome to MinervaWe exist to help our customers:

  • Protect life and assets
  • Optimize resource usage
  • Sustain the environment

With our product, application and engineering expertise, we offer solutions to detect, measure and monitor parameters that help our customers make the right decisions for themselves, their stakeholders and the environment. We partner the best in the business to deliver the right solutions and have the capability to customize and develop systems to meet unique requirements.

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    Gas & Flame Detection, Environment Monitoring

    Minerva offers a wide range of gas detectors, gas analyzers and flame detectors to help our customers protect life and property, improve living and working environments and optimise process applications.

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    Remote Asset Monitoring

    Minerva offers solutions to remotely track key parameters related to our customers' assets or operations, wherever they may be. Data can be accessed on-line using our cloud-based YAVA software.

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    Flow Metering

    Minerva offers a full suite of equipment for accurate and reliable metering of fluid resources such as potable water, wastewater, chemicals and and many other utilities. Such data is typically used for billing and process optimization.

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    Material Testing

    Minerva's comprehensive range of equipment enables customers to test raw material, semi-finished or finished components for research and quality control, to ensure they meet performance requirements.

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    Specialty Applications

    Minerva also offers complementary equipment for unique and specific applications. Products offered under this group are supported by the same high level of support and technical expertise that is typically expected from Minerva.

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    News & Events

    Read the latest news from Minerva! From exhibitions to new product launches, keep up to date with our activities and offerings here. We constantly thrive being your preferred value-adding partner.