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Environment Monitors
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Gas & Flame Detection, Environment Monitoring

Environment Monitors

  • KS-70 Low Cost Stand-alone Oxygen Indicator

    The KS-70 is a low cost, wall-mounted detector typically installed in working environments to check . . .

  • V-819 Fixed Type Odor Monitoring Panel

    The V-819 is a fixed odor monitoring system suited for hydrogen sulphide or various aromatic odors m. . .

  • XP-308B(Formtector) Portable Formaldehyde Detector

    The XP-308B Formtector is used to check formaldehyde levels in human-occupied spaces such as residen. . .

  • XP-329IIIR Portable Odor Intensity Indicator

    The XP-329IIR is a versatile instrument that is used to objectively determine the odor intensity of . . .