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Gas Analyzer
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Gas & Flame Detection, Environment Monitoring

Gas Analyzer

  • FT 5000 Series FTIR Analyzers

    Based on FTIR and UVDOAS FTIR hybrid systems, the FT 5000 series analyzers are in use to monitor a w. . .

  • UV-3000 Series UVDOAS Analyzers

    Based around a proven UVDOAS data acquisition system, the UV 3000 series analyzers are in use for pr. . .

  • Mini Sentry Series Single Gas UVDOAS Analyzers

    The Mini Sentry series Single Gas analyzers are engineered specifically for low cost, low maintenanc. . .

  • Air Sentry Open-Path FTIR Analyzers

    The Air Sentry open path FTIR is the recognized choice in open path FTIR and the most reliable for m. . .

  • Sentry Series Open-Path UVDOAS Analyzers

    The Sentry series is an open-path air-monitoring system that uses ultraviolet light to analyze the a. . .

  • IR Shepherd Portable FTIR Point Gas Analyzer

    The IR Shepherd portable analyzers are the leading edge of portable gas analysis. Used for shipping . . .

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