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Flow Metering

Flowmeters >> Mechanical Flowmeters for Gas

  • TRZ2, SM-RI Turbine Meters / Custody transfer

    The TRZ2 & SM-RI turbine gas meters are designed for custody transfer applications. With the use. . .

  • QA / Q Turbine Meter

    QA (low pressure), QAe (electronic index) and Q / Q75 (high pressure) turbine meters are designed fo. . .

  • AC/AL Series Diaphragm Gas Meter - for higher pressure

    The AC/AL-Series diaphragm meters are cost-effective gas meters for higher pressure commercial and i. . .

  • BK Series Diaphragm Meters

    BK-Series diaphragm meters are designed to guarantee optimum flow conditions and a low pressure loss. . .