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Gas & Flame Detection, Environment Monitoring

Portable Gas Detectors >> Multi Gas Detectors (with pump)

  • XA-4000II Series Multi Gas Detector

    XA-4000II Series range of personalĀ gas detectors are robust and versatile detectors. Depending on t. . .

  • XP-302M Portable Mult-Gas Detector

    The primary features of the detector are: Simultaneous display from a LCD display with backlight. . .

  • XP-702IIIZ Series - Super Sensitive Leak Finder

    The XP-702IIIZ Series gas detectors are an effective tool for finding trace leaks within a short res. . .

  • XP-3000 Series Portable Gas Detector

    The compact and light weight XP-3000 Series detectors are designed to quickly and accurately display. . .