Fixed Gas Detector Transmitters


Fixed Gas Detector Transmitters

MINERVA is proud to offer COSMOS gas detectors manufactured by New Cosmos Electric, a highly respected company in Japan’s gas detector and alarm systems industry. The COSMOS portable gas detectors are equipped with cutting-edge precision sensors developed by New Cosmos Electric. These sensors are designed to rapidly detect gas leaks, providing the shortest response time possible. Additionally, the gas detectors accurately display the gas concentration detected and are accompanied by visual and audible alarms to alert the user promptly. 

The COSMOS range of fixed gas detector transmitters are compact units that combine the gas sensor, gas reading display, and signal outputs. These transmitters are designed for easy integration into the user’s central monitoring systems, including PLCs, BMS, DCS, or SCADA systems. Rest assured that they provide seamless and reliable gas detection for your needs. 

Our transmitters (PD-12, PS-7) feature a convenient in-built auto-sampling pump allowing continuous gas sampling from remote locations. Additionally, we provide explosion-proof certified gas detector transmitters (models KD-12, PD-12) specifically designed for installation in hazardous environments. 

The KS-7 series fixed gas detector transmitters are cost-effective options for monitoring Oxygen (O2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), or Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels in indoor areas where people are present, such as laboratories, offices, parking garages, and control rooms. Standard batteries can conveniently power these wall-mounted detectors, making installation more economical.