Personal Gas Detectors


Personal Gas Detectors

We are delighted to offer you the COSMOS personal gas detectors from New Cosmos Electric, a renowned and trusted manufacturer of gas detectors and alarm systems in Japan. These detectors are equipped with precision sensors, carefully crafted by New Cosmos Electric, known for their exceptional quality and reliability. The sensors are designed to rapidly detect gas leaks, ensuring the shortest response time possible. Moreover, they provide highly accurate readings of the detected gas concentrations. For your safety and convenience, the detectors are equipped with visual and audible alarms to alert you to any potential danger promptly. 

Our multi-gas detector is specially tailored for working in confined spaces lacking natural ventilation, such as underground environments and enclosed storage tanks. It offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities for various gases, including flammable gases like Methane and LPG, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide/Hydrogen Sulphide, and Oxygen. 

For enhanced functionality, you can include the gas auto-sampling pump and tubing, allowing pre-entry checks in confined spaces like manholes and ensuring safety before entry. 

At MINERVA, we provide COSMOS personal gas detectors that can monitor Oxygen (O2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) either individually or simultaneously. The Oxygen (O2) gas detector is specifically designed for monitoring Oxygen deficiency, making it an ideal choice for personal use and ensuring your safety in various environments. 

Our commitment is to deliver reliable and high-quality gas detection solutions to safeguard lives and enhance workplace safety.