Portable Gas Detectors


Portable Gas Detectors

MINERVA takes pride in introducing the COSMOS portable gas detectors by New Cosmos Electric, a renowned gas detection and alarm system manufacturer from Japan. These high-quality detectors come equipped with precision sensors developed by New Cosmos Electric. Engineered to detect gas leaks swiftly, these portable gas detectors provide accurate readings and are accompanied by visual and audible alarms to notify users promptly. Trust the reliability and effectiveness of COSMOS portable gas detectors to fulfill all your gas detection needs. 

We offer two types of portable detectors: diffusion type and extractive type. The diffusion type does not feature an auto-sampling pump, while the extractive type does. Our COSMOS models also include a Hydrogen (H2) selective sensor that prevents false alarms caused by other flammable/combustible gases. 

We provide a diverse selection of portable gas detectors suitable for various industries. Among our highly popular models are: 

XP-3300II Series Portable Flammable Gas Leak Detector / Gas Monitor with Digital Display 

  • Our XP-3300II series features a lightweight design and a vibrant full-color LCD that displays gas concentrations promptly and accurately.
  • A robust built-in auto-sampling pump effortlessly draws air samples from distances up to 30m.
  • The extended battery life ensures you can rely on this portable gas detector for up to 30 hours of continuous use. 
  • Our range of models caters to monitoring flammable gases across different measurement ranges, including PPM, %LEL, and %VOL. Calibrate a single detector to measure up to 5 flammable gases for easy and accurate gas detection. With an in-built gas library, monitor over 30 different types of flammable gases using just one instrument. Models equipped with an Oxygen sensor also monitor Oxygen (O2) deficiency. 
  • The Model XP-3380II-E monitors Oxygen levels in high-temperature and flue gas applications using a specialized high-temperature probe. 
  • The Model XP-3340II effectively monitors gases like Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and inert gases like Helium and Argon. It provides accurate readings of gas levels in percentage volume (% VOL). 

Exceptional Portable Gas Leak Detectors for Your Safety (XP-700III Series) 

  • These portable gas detectors are highly sensitive and efficient in rapidly detecting trace gas leaks.
  • They offer a much more sensitive option compared to liquid leak detection.
  • The detectors have an integrated gas auto-sampling pump suitable for single or dual gas applications.
  • We offer a range of gas types, including Flammable/Combustible gases (XP-702III), Refrigerants (XP-704III), and Specialty chemicals/gases for Semiconductor manufacturing (XP-703DIII). 

A Cartridge/Cassette Type Portable Gas Detector for Semiconductor Specialty Chemicals/Gases (XPS-7II) 

  • The XPS-7II portable gas detector is specifically designed for industries that utilize a diverse range of specialty chemicals and gases during manufacturing.
  • This includes sectors such as semiconductors, solar cells, and electronics manufacturing.
  • The detector can be equipped with different pre-calibrated cartridge gas sensors based on the specific gas to be detected. This reduces overall costs as users only need one detector and multiple gas sensors as required.
  • The pre-calibrated gas sensor eliminates the need for calibration gas to calibrate the detector.