XP-3310II for Combustible Gas (in %LEL)

The compact and light weight XP-3310II detectors are design to display gas concentrations of flammable gases quickly and accurately. The full colour LCD display, which comes with a backlight feature, displays both a digital as well as an analogue reading for easy and fast reading.

XP-3310II detector comes with a powerful built-in sampling pump, capable of drawing air samples from up to 30m. Extended battery life also allows usage of up to 30 hours.

The primary features of the XP-3310II Detectors include:

  • Built-in reference library for 32 combustible gases
  • Robust housing, quick-connect sampling hose, probe, and dust/moisture trap
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Full Color LCD
  • Dual Range readings (High and Low) with auto-switching feature
  • Bluetooth connectivity

The XP-3310II detector is part of the XP-3300II Series of detectors which also offer other models that are available in single and dual-gas versions (with simultaneous display).

All models in the XP-3300II Series of detectors come with Bluetooth connectivity to mobile phone or PC. The mobile app designed for real-time monitoring and data-logging is available for free download.

Technical Data

  • Dimensions (in mm): W91 X H164 X D44
  • Weight: 460g including batteries 
    • Standard Accessories:
      • Soft Case
      • 4 X AA Alkaline battery
      • 1m Gas Sampling Hose
      • Probe With Filter/Moisture trap
      • Spare Filters
    • Options:
      • Extendable (telescopic) sampling probe
      • Data logging
      • In-built correlation factors to allow multi-gas application
      • AC adaptor


    Model Gas Detected Range
    XP-3310II Combustibles 0-100% LEL
    XP-3360II Combustibles 0-5000ppm
    XP-3360II-W Combustibles 0-100% LEL
    (enable to display in ppm)
    XP-3380II Oxygen 0-25% Vol
    XP-3318II Combustibles & Oxygen 0-100% LEL
    0-25% Vol
    XP-3368II Combustibles & Oxygen 0-5000ppm
    0-25% Vol
    XP-3368II-W Combustibles & Oxygen 0-100% LEL
    (enable to display in ppm)
    0-25% Vol
    XP-3340II Flammable gas / Carbon Dioxide / Inert Gas 0-100% Vol