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Air Sentry Open-Path FTIR Analyzers

The Air Sentry open path FTIR is the recognized choice in open path FTIR and the most reliable for monitoring industrial facilities, accidental releases, and hazardous waste site emissions.


The system represents a real-time air monitoring system that can be easily deployed, setup, and collecting data in minutes. The analyzer is provided with a library of nearly 400 compounds, so flexibility for current and future project requirements is easy and comes at no additional cost.


The Air Sentry is a “Monostatic” system whereby the emitter and receiver are co-located within the same housing at one end of the measurement path. The retroreflector is required at the other end of the path to complete the optical beampath


The system monitors from 5 to 1,000 meters and eliminates the need for many single point gas specific sensors, lengthy calibration, and laboratory analysis.


The Air Sentry is the only commercial open-path FTIR evaluated in two USEPA SITE studies and proven capable of detecting, identifying, and quantifying air toxins. It is efficient as an alarm and easily integrated into your existing alarm system.