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B-4SH Shipboard Single-Point Gas Detector System

The B-4SH is designed for shipboard and off-shore applications where a robust system suitable for installation in aggressive environments is required. It is designed for long service life with long-term stability and ease of handling / maintenance.

A diffusion or suction type detector head is chosen based on application.

The system comes with audible and visual alarms with digital outputs for connection to external devices / supervisory systems.


  • Gas Detected: LPG, Gasoline, Other Combustible Gases
  • Detection Range: 0-100 %LEL
  • Display: Analog meter indication
  • Power Supply: 100V AC or 24V DC
  • External Output: Contact output: 1a no-voltage (1A@ 20V AC)
  • Default Alarm Set Value: 20%LEL