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B-770 Low Cost System for Combustible Gas

The B-770 is a low-cost system designed for basic gas Flammable gas detection applications. The panel is a simplified design with audible and visual alarms while the gas detectors come in various versions – indoor, outdoor (weather-proof) and explosion-proof (for classified zones).

2-stage voltage and digital outputs are available for connection to external devices / supervisory systems


  • Gas Detected: LPG or Natural Gas
  • Dimensions (in mm): W138 X H230 X D45
  • External Output:
    • 2-stage voltage(DC6V-during monitoring, DC12V during alarm, DC0V during error)
    • AC100V to AC220V during alarm, 1A max output
    • 1a, 1b contacts AC220V, 1A max
    • 1a, 1b contacts DC24V, 1A max
  • Optional Accessories:
    • Inspection gas
    • Mounting plate
    • Wood screws
    • Crimp terminals
    • Hex wrench