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Abnormal Temperature Detection System
  • Abnormal Temperature Detection System
  • Safety Equipment for Railway Systems
  • Steel Dust Concentration in Grease/Oil

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Abnormal Temperature Detection System

CAN-NETSU-KUN Overheating Surveillance System

The CAN-NETSU-KUN is a unique product designed for low-cost early detection of overheating electrical equipment before the risk of fire escalates. The product combines an Odor Detector with temperature sensitive Odor Capsules. The odor capsules are simply placed at the location to be monitored with adhesive mounting such as double-sided tape. When the temperature at the location reaches a specified temperature, the capsule will release an odor that is detected by the odor detector. This will trigger an alarm. The odor capsules are available in 3 versions with respective trigger temperatures of 80, 100 & 120 degC respectively.


This product is suitable for temperature monitoring in facilities such as heating equipment, electrical terminal connections inside an electrical sub-station etc.


The Odor Detector has audible and visual alarm signals as will digital outputs for connection to external devices or central supervisory system.