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KS-7D Low Cost Carbon Monoxide Detector

The KS-7D is a low cost, wall-mounted detector typically installed in working environments to check against Carbon Monoxide levels. It suitable IAQ monitoring in offices, car-parks, laboratories or other commercial applications.

It has a large LCD display for quick readout of the Carbon Monoxide level.

Audible and visual alarms alert occupants of low oxygen levels. Analogue and digital outputs are also available for connection to external devices (exhaust fans etc.) and/or supervisory systems.


  • Gas Detected: Carbon Monoxide
  • Detection Range: 0-75ppm / 150ppm / 250ppm / 400ppm
  • Default Alarm Set Value:
    • For 75 ppm Full Scale: 25/50 ppm
    • For 150 ppm Full Scale: 50/100 ppm
    • For 250 ppm Full Scale: 50/150 ppm
    • For 400 ppm Full Scale: 50/150 ppm
  • External Output:
    • Gas concentration analog output: 4-20mA DC
    • Gas alarm contact (for 1st/2nd stage): 1a
  • Power Supply: 24V DC
  • Other functions:
    • Peak hold
    • Maintenance mode
    • Up to 350 hours back-up battery life
  • Options:
    • Separate sensor housing unit for remote installation