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BK Series Diaphragm Meters

BK-Series diaphragm meters are designed to guarantee optimum flow conditions and a low pressure loss. They are suitable for measuring natural gas and a variety of technical gases at up to 0.5 barg. The diaphragm meters BK-G 1.6, BK-G 10 up to G 100 are fitted with a pulse magnet as standard. This allows retrofit of a low-frequency pulser of the IN-Z61 type.


ModelFlow Rate(m3/h)Cyclic Volume
BK-G1.60.016 - 2.51.2 Liters
BK-G2.50.025 - 41.2 Liters
BK-G40.04 - 61.2 Liters
BK-G6/6T0.06 - 102 Liters
BK-G10/10T0.1 - 166 Liters
BK-G16/10T0.16 - 256 Liters
BK-G25/25T0.25 - 4012 Liters
BK-G400.4 - 6518 Liters
BK-G650.65 - 10024 Liters
BK-G1001 - 16048 Liters
  • T models come with temperature compensation facility to ensure that the stroke of the diaphragm is adapted to the current gas temperature
  • Pmax = 0.5 Bar
  • Pulser Standard: 0.1m3/pulse