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QA / Q Turbine Meter

QA (low pressure), QAe (electronic index) and Q / Q75 (high pressure) turbine meters are designed for accurate gas sub-metering in commercial and industrial applications. Depending on the flow range, pressure rating and connection requirements, a suitable gas meter model is available. Low and high frequency pulse outputs are also offered for connection to external monitoring devices.



  • Meter Sizes (QA/e): QA/e 10 to QA/e 1000
  • Meter Connections (QA/e):
    • 1” internal thread (QA/e 10 to QA/e 40)
    • 1 ½” internal thread (QA/e 40)
    • Installation between flanges (QA/e 65 to QA/e 1000)
  • Connection Sizes (QA/e): DN25 to DN150
  • Pressure ratings (QA/e):
    • PN10
    • PN16
    • ANSI150
  • Flow rates (QA/e): 1.6m3/hr to 1600m3/hr.



  • Meter Sizes (Q/Q75): Q/Q75 65 to Q/Q75 16000
  • Connection Sizes (Q/Q75): DN50 to DN600
  • Pressure ratings (Q/Q75): Up to 100bar
  • Flow rates (Q/Q75): 6m3/hr to 25000m3/hr.