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KATflow 170 (ATEX Approved)

For applications where harsh environmental conditions demand a more rugged instrument, the KATflow 170 provides a corrosion-resistant option as part of a fully ATEX-certified package. The flowmeter is intended for permanent operation in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas and is an economical choice for a variety of metering applications. The KATflow 170 demonstrates that even the most complex technical requirements can be met with straightforward solutions. (Check here for Seametrics Flowmeters)


  • Two flow measurement channels
  • Robust IP66 unit for operation in Zone 1 and 2
  • Epoxy-coated aluminum or stainless steel enclosure
  • Pipe diameter range from 10 mm to 3,000 mm
  • Temperature range: – 50 to + 115 deg C
  • Flow Velocity Range: 0.01 to 25m/s
  • Accuracy Range: 0.25 to 25m/s
  • Magnetic pen for safe and easy programming
  • Large internal data logger
  • Communication options RS 485, Modbus RTU, Profibus PA and HART* compatible output
  • Current, open-collector and relay outputs
  • ATEX-certified PT 100 probe for temperature compensation
  • IP 68 stainless steel sensors as standard
  • Power Supply: 100..240VAC or 9..36VDC