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WMP Electromagnetic Meter / sizes 1” to 2”

The WMP -Series is a full-bore, plastic-bodied electromagnetic flow meter designed for flow and usage monitoring applica­tions in 1 and 2 inch pipe. The polypropylene flow tube of­fers corrosion resistance to a wide range of chemicals.

With no moving parts, the magmeter permits unobstructed flow and tolerates high flows without damage. The LCD display offers both flow rate and volume readings. The meter comes in battery or mains-powered versions.

WMP 101: Externally Powered (10-30 VDC)
WMP 104: Battery Powered (6 X AA Alkaline Cells or 2 X Lithium Batteries)


  • Nominal Pressure: 10 Bar
  • Display:
    • Rate: l/sec, l/min, m3/min
    • Total: litres, cubic metres
  • Options:
    • High Frequency (HF) Output
    • 6m cable for WMP 101
    • Remote 4-20mA Signal (HF option required)
    • Remote Rate and Total Indicator (HF option required)
    • Remote Data Logger
  • Recommended Straight Length:
    • 2 X DN before
    • 1 X DN after
DN(inch)Qmin (l/sec)Qmax (l/sec)
1" NPTF0.1450.38
2" NPTF/Flange6.9418.9