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FT 5000 Series FTIR Analyzers

Based on FTIR and UVDOAS FTIR hybrid systems, the FT 5000 series analyzers are in use to monitor a wide array of compounds that would typically require multiple devices. Minimal maintenance expenses, coupled with automatic calibration cycles and continuous logging and transmission of data make the FT 5000 series perfect for your monitoring application.
The FT 5000 Series FTIR analyzers accurately measure common combustion gases, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Water Vapor, and can easily be configured to monitor over 400 other compounds. These devices feature custom alarms, complete integration into your existing data network, and an unparalleled ease of use.


The FT 5000 product series is available in standard and custom versions for portable (FT 5000 Cross Stack) and fixed (FT 5000 Plus) Cross stack and Probe (FT 5000 P) based configurations.