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Gas & Flame Detection, Environment Monitoring

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KD-12 Series Explosion-proof (ATEX) Detector

KD-12 Series offers diffusion type detectors integrated with the sensing element and the readout display. They are small, lightweight units that are suited for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Depending on the model chosen, detectors are available for detection of various gas types, i.e. Flammables, Toxic Gas & Oxygen.

The detectors come with both digital and analogue outputs that allow easy interfacing with a central supervisory system for larger applications.


Sensor TypeHot-wire SemiconductorCatalytic CombustionThermal ConductivityElectrochemical CellGalvanic CellNon-Dispersive Infra-Red
Target GasCombustible, ToxicCombustibleHydrogen, Helium, Carbon DioxideToxicOxygenCombustible
  • External Output:
    • Gas Concentration Analog Signal: 4 to 20mA DC (common to negative line of power supply)
    • Gas Alarm Contact: 1a non-voltage relay contact/ Non-latching
    • Rated Load: 0.5A at 250V AC or 0.5A at 30V DC
  • Display: 4-digit digital LED display with Gas Alarm Warning Light (red) and Trouble Warning Light (yellow)
  • Power Supply: 24V DC