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899 Specimen Notcher & 799 Notch Verification Device

Prior to performing tests, specimens must be notched in order to create a stress riser and to predict the point of fracture.

The Model 899 Impact Specimen Notcher for Plastics is designed to machine a notch in a plastic specimen in accordance with ISO 179, ISO 180, ASTM D256 and ASTM 6110.

It easily and precisely notches test specimens and can accurately machine up to 28 nos.  of 3.2 mm (1/8″) thick specimens at one time.

Routine operation of the Model 899 is automated and requires minimum operator supervision. After samples are loaded, the operator initiates the automatic notching cycle by simply pressing a button.

It also features an air cooling system that directs air flow at the cutting area to reduce the risk of thermal.degradation of the specimens. A clear safety cover over the cutting area protects the operator, while doubling as an attachment for a vacuum system (not supplied) to remove chips from the cutting area.

After the notching process is completed, the notch depth can be verified by using the Model 799 Notch Depth Verification Device.


Model 899

  • Conforms to ASTM D256 & D6110; ISO 179 & 180
  • Variable cutter speed, Variable speed table feed rate.
  • Air cooled notching area
  • Replaceable diamond- tipped cutter