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Models IT406, IT542 and IT800 High Force Pendulum

Models IT406, IT542 and IT800 Pendulum Impact Testers are versatile and reliable machines designed to comply with the specifications outlined by ASTM E 23, EN 10045-2 and ISO 148. Today, they are widely recognized as the standards of the industry for impact testing.

This system does not require a separate PC and software in order to operate. However, a data acquisition/machine control software package is available as an option.

Interchangeable tooling lets you do Charpy, lzod or Tension Impact tests. A single piece pendulum plus integral base and anvil eliminate errors induced by loose parts.

The system provides exceptionally high accuracy with minimal energy losses due to windage and friction.


Key Features:

·         Precision, friction compensated, robust test frames

·         Digital display option allows test set-up and result display

·         Digital display option allows simple connection to pc for full test SPC analysis

·         Range of safety features to ensure repetitive secure testing

·         Data acquisition/machine control software

·         “Low Blow” fixture

·         Motorized return option (Includes electrical brake)

·         Instrumented impact system option


Pendulum CapacityJ ( (300)542 (400)800 (590)
Drop Heightm (ft)1.5 (5)1.5 (5)1.5 (5)
Pendulum Weightkg (lb)27 (60)30 (80)62 (136)
Impact Velocitym/s (ft/s)5.5 (18)5.5 (18)5.5 (18)
Dimensions (W x D x H)mm2108 x 508 x 18542108 x 508 x 18542560 x 910 x 2320
in83 x 20 x 7383 x 20 x 73101 x 36 x 92
Weightkg (lb)736 (1620)785 (1730)2631 (5800)


1.    Width of machines includes total swing clearance

2.    Specifications are subject to change without notice