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Model IT503, IT504 Impact Testers for Plastics

The model IT 503 plastics impact tester, together with the model IT 504, continues to set the industry standard for versatility, ease of operation, and display of information with high resolution. The primary difference between the IT503 and the IT504 is that the model IT504 is supplied without the interlocking safety shielding.

These machines are capable of determining the impact resistance using either a Charpy or Izod configuration, without changing the entire pendulum. Pendulum capacity is easily changed by adding on any one of seven optional weight sets.

A “Low-Blow” feature is standard, which provides a convenient and reliable method for releasing the pendulum from lower than “standard” drop heights for testing at lower impact velocities and energy levels.

Key Features

  • Aerodynamic compound pendulum
  • Selectable energy units of J, in.lbf, ft.lbf, kgf.m and
  • Selectable strength calculations in ft.lbf/in, J/m, in.lbf/in, kgf.m/m,

Ft.lbf/in2, kJ/m2, or in.lbf/in or kgf.m/m2

  • Break type input options of Complete, Hinge, Partial, Non-break and Necking
  • Automatic or manual Toss correction
  • Auto calibration for bearing windage and friction
  • Automatic or manual update of specimen number
  • Real time display of energy is available for verifying the display accuracy

Against traceable measurements of pendulum height and weight

Although the system does not require a separate PC and software in order to operate, however, a data acquisition/machine control software package is available as an option.


Basic Pendulum CapacityJ2.82
ft.lb2.08 25
- with Low-BlowJ2.75 to 2
ft.lb2.03 to 1.475
in.lb24.38 to 17.73
Increased Pendulum CapacityJAdd-on weights available for up to 25
ft.lbAdd-on weights available for up to 18.44
in.lbAdd-on weights available for up to 221.63
Drop Heightm0.61
Impact Velocitym/s3.46
Power110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1ph
Dimensions W x D x Hmm660 x 380 x 840
in26 x 15 x 33
Weightkg (lb)110 (240)

Additional Options

  • Data acquisition/machine control software
  • Hot or Cold temperature chambers
  • Instrumented package for impact testing

Separate 1J and 0.5J hammers