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Gripping Solutions

The Gripping Solutions is a critical and integral part of a successful test and credible repeatable test data. The process of setting up a test should be fast and easy to achieve, the specimen must be held firmly and consistently for every test, and the system should be safe. If the specimen is not gripped properly or adequately, the test data will be worthless.

 We offer a standard range of Gripping Solutions that meet all these criteria and are designed to test materials such as sheet metal, re-bar, concrete, composites, wood, paper, board, rubber, textiles, non-wovens and filter materials, insulation, leather, adhesives and many more, as well as finished components as diverse as bearings, automotive clutch plates, fasteners, keyboards, electronic devices and printed circuit boards, zips, contact lenses and even food stuffs such as ice cream, fruit and vegetables.

 Using these Gripping Solutions it is possible to apply forces in tension, shear, compression, flexure (bend), puncture (burst), friction, insertion and extraction. Beyond the standard Gripping range, continuous development of new gripping solutions in support of customers take place as customers develop tests for new materials and components.

 Contact us for a more information of Gripping Solution suitable for your application.