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BAT 750 Simple, Manual Test Stand

The BAT 750 is a test stand that ensures the correct positioning of the force gauge in relation to the test sample, and can be used in tension or compression testing with possible loads up to 750 N.

The base has a flat top on which the sample to be tested is placed and which supports two columns to which the mobile crosshead is attached. The force gauge is mounted on the crosshead, which has a maximum travel of 300 mm.

The crosshead is manually operated by means of a cylindrical worm gear crank located on the top of the unit. Crosshead movement can be restricted by an adjustable limit stop at the bottom of its range.

The stand can be used in the vertical or horizontal positions.


CapacityTravelMaximum clearanceWeightOverall dimensions without force gauge
750 N300 mm280 mm7.5 kg580 mm (H) 230 mm (W) 230 mm (D)