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BATDRIVE Basic Motorised Test Stand

The BATDRIVE is a basic motorized test stand designed to test samples at a regular speed. It is especially well suited for small parts and for tests requiring low force levels (less than 500 N).

The base is made up of a flat plate receiving the sample to be tested, and on which the column holding the mobile crosshead is fixed. The force gauge is fitted on the crosshead which has a travel of 200 mm. The adjustable mechanical limit stops block the travel to suit the test requirements.

The control console can be used to start the test, control fast upward and downward movement, and set the test parameters. The speed and displacement values are shown on the console display at all times.

The test stand is also available in a horizontal version


Capacity500 N
Speed (adjustable)10 to 120 mm/min
Speed resolution1 mm/min
Fast displacement speed200 mm/min
Travel200 mm
Displacement resolution0.05 mm
Accuracy0.1 mm
Maximum clearance240 mm
Dimensions without force gauge 880 mm (H) 230 mm (W) 230 mm (D)
Weight22 kg
Power supply220 VAC