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STENTOR II Motorised Test Stand

The test stand Stentor II is a force measurement system designed with the technology of Centor Touch force gauge. It can perform force measurement in tension and compression up to 200 lb. The Stentor II is designed to perform tests on various types of materials in production or quality labs when the speed of the test is specified or when the speed changes the results on the force measurement.

Thanks to its big color touchscreen, the Stentor II displays the curve of force vs. deflection. Its user-friendly graphics interface makes the tests easy to setup and the results easy to analyze and use.

It is possible to use it as a standalone tester due to its features of a computerized stand: statistics, calculations, curve and memory for 100 results. With its outputs, it is possible to connect the Stentor II to a computer or automate with USB, RS232 or TTL outputs.

The deflection, speed and stop of the test stand are setup by an integrated control panel.

The Stentor II has the following features:

  • speed setting between 0.5 and 13 in/min, upwards and downwards
  • stopping or reversal of movement when the crosshead reaches the limit switches
  • stopping or reversal of movement based on a displacement value (digital limit switches)
  • stopping or reversal of movement based on the force value
  • number of working cycles.


Capacity1 kN2.5 kN
Maximum travel200 mm300 mm
Displacement resolution0.01 mm0.01 mm
Displacement accuracy0.05 mm0.05 mm
Maximum vertical space430 mm530 mm
Speed in mm/min10 to 30010 to 300
Speed resolution1 mm/min1 mm/min
Speed accuracy5 %5 %
Manual high speed350 mm/min350 mm/min
Overall dimensions in mm827 x 330 x 500927 x 330 x 500
Weight40 kg50 kg
Power supply220 VAC220 VAC