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ST Series Floor Standing Testing Machine

The ST Floor Standing series of electromechanical universal testing machines are designed to test a wide range of materials, including, but not limited to: plastics, films, paper, packaging materials, filter material, adhesives, foils, food, toys, medical devices and components, in tension, compression, flexure, shear, and peel.

These machines are offered in capacities ranging from 100kN (20,000lbf) up to 300 kN (60,000 lbf).

All ST series machines can be used with selection of hand held interfaces or a virtual machine interface running on a connected PC. The testing software can be added to your system to provide a library of standardised test routines, generate a complete graphical result of your test, and perform sophisticated powerful analyses on the test data to produce the test report you need.

A comprehensive selection of self identifying loadcells; grips, platens and fixtures to hold the simplest to most complex specimen profile; strain measurement instruments that employ several different technologies; temperature chambers, and more can be used in conjunction with these test frames.


Test Speed Rangemm/min0.001 to 5000.001 to 5000.001 to 500
in/min0.0004 to 200.0004 to 200.0004 to 20
Clearance Between Columnsmm656656656
Max Crosshead Travelmm119811731173
Dimensions (HxWxD)mm2323 x 1205 x 7002323 x 1205 x 7002323 x 1205 x 700
in91 x 47 x 2891 x 47 x 2891 x 47 x 28