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NV-Series Single Gas Multi Point Gas Alarm Sys

The NV-Series system is a Multi-pointSingle gas detection systems that is available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 channel systems.

The NV Series features a wall or panel mounted Indicator/Alarm unit and diffusion or suction type Gas Detector Heads. Depending on the system model chosen, the NV-100 can be used to detect Flammable or Toxic gases at various monitoring ranges.
The Indicator/Alarm unit comes with a direct reading LCD display (with backlight) and supplies power to the gas detector heads. 2-stage voltage and digital outputs are also obtained from the panel to connection to external devices / supervisory systems. The panel has dual-alarm levels with audible and visual alarms.
The Detector Head chosen will depend on the monitored gas as well as application (diffusion or suction). There is a wide range of detector heads to choose from.


Target GasLPGTown Gas (Natural Gas)Town Gas or Other Industrial GasesHydrogen and Other CombustiblesAmmonia leaked into air
Range0-100 %LEL0-100 %LELAs per specificationsAs per specifications0-400 ppm
  • Power Supply: 85-264V ACExternal
  • Alarm Output:
    • Individual Alarm Contact: 1a No-voltage
    • Individual Voltage Output: 0-6 12V DC (20mA or less)
    • Collective Alarm Contact: 1c No-voltage
    • Centralized Monitor Panel Output: 0-6 12V DC (20mA or less)
    • External Buzzer Contact: 1a No-voltage
    • External Buzzer Voltage Output: Intermittent voltage signal (12V DC, 10mA or less)
  • Options Available: Back-up battery allow continued operation of up to 30 minutes in the event of a power failure.