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  • SafEye700S - Spectrex Open-Path GAs Detector

Spectrex Open-Path Gas Detector SafEye Series 700S

SafEye “Flash Source” system, used in the 900 and 700 Series, Spectrex Open-Path Gas Detector, offers well-proven technology for fast detection of combustible gases and vapors over a “Line of Sight” up to 660ft (200m) long and are built for reliability and continued operation under extreme environmental conditions such as icing, snow, condensation.

Flash Type IR Open Path Gas Detector integrates the well-proven, superior Xenon Flash technology.

SafEye is immune to false alarms caused by partial blockage and extreme weather conditions (fog, rain, snow) and direct or reflected sunlight, flame and other black body radiation sources.

The 700S is SIL2 approved and has a data port to allow easy access for maintenance or configuration changes.


  • Misalignment Tolerance of ±1°
  • IP66/67 Stainless Steel Housing
  • SIL2 approved to IEC61508
  • HART protocol for maintenance and asset management
  • Response Time: T90 – 3 sec
  • Spectral Response: 2.0 – 4.0 mm
  • Sensitivity Range: 0 – 5 LEL.m (0 – 2 LEL.m optional)
  • Accuracy: +5% of Full Scale  or  +10% of Reading
  • Repeatability: +5% of Reading
  • Temperature Range: -40oC to 55oC