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Steel Dust Concentration in Grease/Oil
  • Abnormal Temperature Detection System
  • Safety Equipment for Railway Systems
  • Steel Dust Concentration in Grease/Oil

Specialty Applications

Steel Dust Concentration in Grease/Oil

SDM-72/ SDM-73 Portable Steel Dust Checker

SDM-72 Portable Steel Dust In Grease Meter.
SDM-73 Portable Steel Dust In Oil Checker.


The SDM-72 Portable Steel Dust In Grease Meter and SDM-73 Portable Steel Steel Dust In Oil Checker are useful for the trend monitoring of wear conditions of bearings, gears etc. The meters are simple to operate and provide simple diagnosis for the monitoring of steel dust contamination in grease/hydraulic oil.

The basic features of the meters are:

  • Light weight
  • Enables monitoring of wear conditions before increase in vibrations occur.

Low power consumption- up to 30 hours by alkaline cells


  • Detection Range:
    • SDM-72 range: 0-5 wt%
    • SDM-73 range: 0-19999 wt ppm
  • Power source:
    • 4 X AA alkaline batteries
    • AC adaptor
  • Dimensions(in mm): W84 X H190 X D40
  • Weight: Approx. 500g including batteries
  • Standard Accessories:
    • Carrying case
    • Grease sampling spatula (for SDM-72)
    • Grease Sampling Case (for SDM-72)
    • 2ml Syringe and Syringe Holder (for SDM-73)
    • Oil Sampling Nozzle (for SDM-73)
    • 4 X AA Alkaline batt.
  • Optional Accessories: AC Adaptor