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Gas & Flame Detection, Environment Monitoring

Flame Detectors

SharpEye Series 40/40I Triple IR (IR3)

The new 40/40I, a multi spectrum based on three IR bands (IR3), detects fuel and gas fires at long distances with the highest immunity to false alarms. The 40/40I IR3 can detect a 1ft2 (0.1 m2) gasoline pan fire at 215 ft (65m) in less than 5 seconds.

The 40/40I is the most durable and weather resistant flame detector currently on the market. Its new features include a heated window to eliminate condensation and icing, HART capabilities for digital communications, lower power requirement and a compact, lighter design.

The 40/40 is approved to IEC 61508 Safety Integrity requirements of SIL2 (TUV).


  • HART Protocol for maintenance and asset management
  • User Programmable via HART or RS-485
  • Multiple Output Options:
    • Relays (3) for Alarm, Fault and Auxiliary
    • 0-20mA (stepped)
    • RS-485,
    • Modbus
  • IP66/67 Stainless Steel Housing
  • SIL2 approved to IEC61508
  • Response Time: 5 sec
  • Spectral Response: 3 IR bands
  • Operating Temperature Range: -55oC to 75oC
  • Field Of View: Horizontal 100 o, Vertical 95o


  • Detection Range (at highest sensitivity setting):
Fuel Dist (m) Fuel Dist (m) Fuel Dist (m)
n-Heptane 65 Kerosene 45 Methane 30
Gasoline 65 Ethanol 95% 40 LPG 30
Diesel 45 Methanol 35 Polypropylene Pellets 5
JP5 45 IPA 40 Office Paper 10