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XO-326IIs Drop-type Oxygen Indicator

XO-326 detectors are specifically designed to allow inspection of tanks, manholes, tunnels etc, to verify sufficient oxygen levels to ensure the safety of workers entering such confined spaces.

The sensor is located at the end of the cord and directly measures the oxygen level without the need for a sampling pump. The operator reads the detector at a safe location outside the test environment.

The detector has a large-screen to allow quick readings, and also comes with alarms for gas and low battery voltage.

XO-326IIsA comes with a 5 meter winding cord.

XO-326IIsB comes with a 1 meter cord.

XO-326IIsC comes with a 10 meter winding cord


  • Detection Range: 0-40% Vol
  • Alarm Set Value: 18% Vol
  • Dimensions(mm): W66 X H170 X D29
  • Weight:
    • Approx 340g (A)
    • Approx 265g (B)
    • Approx 410g (C)
  • Standard Accessories:
    • Soft leather case
    • 2 X AA Alkaline batteries