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Portable Gas Detectors

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XP-3000 Series Portable Gas Detector

The compact and light weight XP-3000 Series detectors are designed to quickly and accurately display gas concentrations of up to 5 flammable gases. The LCD display, which comes with a backlight feature, displays both a digital as well as an analogue reading for easy and fast reading. The ppm range detectors also posess super-sensitive detection capability to detect the slightest trace of gas leaks.

All XP-3000 Series comes with a powerful built-in sampling pump, capable of drawing air samples from up to 30m. Extended battery life also allows usage of up to 30 hours.

The primary features of the XP-3000 Series Detectors are:

  • Comes with robust, quick-connect sampling hose, probe and dust/moisture trap
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Dual Range readings (High and Low) with auto-switching feature


ModelXP- 3110XP- 3140XP- 3160XP- 3118XP- 3120
Gas DetectedCombustiblesCombustibles & OthersCombustiblesCombustibles & OxygenToxic Gases
Range0-100% LEL0-100% Vol0-50,00ppm 0-10,000ppm 0-100% LEL 0-25% Vol (for O2) 0-50,00ppm 0-100,00ppm