Gas & Flame Detection, Environment Monitoring

Portable Gas Detectors

MINERVA offers COSMOS portable gas detectors from New Cosmos Electric, a reputable gas detector and alarm systems manufacturer from Japan. COSMOS portable gas detectors are equipped with precision sensor/s manufactured by New Cosmos Electric. These sensors are designed to detect gas leaks with the shortest response time and the portable gas detectors display the gas concentration detected with high accuracy and accompanied by visual and audible alarms to alert the user.

Portable detectors come in either diffusion type (without auto-sampling pump) or extractive type (with in-built auto-sampling pump). Some COSMOS models incorporate the Hydrogen (H2) selective sensor which is immune to false alarms from other Flammable / Combustible Gases.

Our wide range of portable gas detectors offers solutions to applications across all industries. Some of the more commonly used portable gas detectors are:

  • Portable Flammable Gas Leak Detector / Gas Monitor with Digital Display (XP-3300II Series)
    • XP-3300II series offers light weight portable gas detectors which are designed to quickly detect and accurately display gas concentrations on a full colour LCD display. The portable gas detector comes with a powerful built-in auto-sampling pump, capable of drawing air samples from up to 30m. Extended battery life also allows usage of up to 30 hours. It also features Bluetooth connectivity to mobile phone or PC. The mobile app designed for real-time monitoring and data-logging is available for free download.
    • Specific models are available for monitoring flammables gases in different measurement ranges (PPM, %LEL, %VOL).
    • A single detector can be calibrated directly to up to 5 flammable gases (optional feature) for direct measurement of these gases. An in-built gas library also allows the user to monitor more than 30 different types of flammable gases with a single instrument.
    • Oxygen (O2) deficiency monitoring is also offered with models equipped with an Oxygen sensor.
    • Model XP-3380II-E monitors Oxygen levels in high temperature / flue gas applications (with high temperature probe).
    • Model XP-3340II monitors gases such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Inert gases such as like Helium and Argon. Monitors gases in % VOL.
  • Super Sensitive Portable Gas Leak Detectors (XP-700III Series)
    • These highly sensitive portable gas detectors are an effective tool for finding trace gas leaks within a short response time and provides a far more sensitive solution to leak detection liquid. It comes with an integrated gas auto-sampling pump and are available for single and dual gas applications.
    • Gas types available are Flammable / Combustible gases (XP-702III), Refrigerants (XP-704III) and Semiconductor manufacturing specialty chemicals / gases (XP-703DIII).
  • Cartridge / Cassette Type Portable Gas Detector for Semiconductor Speciality Chemicals / Gases (XPS-7II)
    • The XPS-7II portable gas detector is designed for industries using the wide range of specialty chemicals and gases in the manufacturing process, such as: semiconductor, solar cell and electronics manufacturing.
    • The same detector can be fitted with various pre-calibrated cartridge gas sensors, depending on the gas to be detected. This reduces the cost of ownership as the user only has to purchase 1 detector and multiple gas sensors of interest. The pre-calibrated gas sensor means that there is no need to use calibration gas to calibrate the detector.