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Flow Metering

The usage of fluid resources such as fuel oil and gases, water, chemicals and many other utilities steadily increases due to a growing global population and higher standards of living. Consequently the cost of these resources also increases due to higher demand, depletion of natural reserves and higher processing / manufacturing cost.

Therefore the need for reliable data to monitor and optimise the usage of such fluid resources is extremely important. Metering enables the collection and evaluation of accurate data to enable:

  • Usage monitoring, resource allocation and billing
  • Better plant and equipment efficiency through monitoring utilities consumption data
  • Identification of resource losses in transmission and distribution infrastructure
  • Minerva offers fluid flow measurement technologies for various types of fluid media and operating conditions.
  • Besides flow meters, we also offer a full scope of hardware, software and expertise for data management and analysis.


We offer customers solutions that range from a single meter with a local readout to a sophisticated turnkey solutions that comprises metering points located across a large geographical area and complemented by automated remote data collection, transfer and evaluation. That is why we also offer digital flow meter to bring more convenience to our clients when it comes to monitoring there utilities whether if it is gas or water.

Minerva perseveres to be at the fore-front of flow metering technologies as they evolve, and offer our customers the right technology and solution for their requirements and budget.