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Remote Asset Monitoring System

Harness the best in Telemetry, M2M and Internet of Things solutions to optimize your operations, increase safety and reduce carbon footprint.

What is It?

We offer Remote Asset Monitoring System solutions that are cost-effective platforms that allow our customers to remotely monitor data measured by sensors or meters installed within a small area (building, plant premises e.g.) or within a larger geography (utilities distribution network e.g.).

Complemented by ourĀ YAVA Cloud Sofware, we make field data available anytime and anywhere you want. Customers can also be alerted when user – specified trigger conditions are met.

How It Works?

how it works - remote asset monitoring


System Architecture

system architecture - remote asset monitoring - minerva

Cost-Effective Monitoring Solution

With our Remote Asset Monitoring solutions, customers are able to have their monitoring system set up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Wireless signal transmission protocols are deployed where possible to collate and transmit sensor data, thus reducing the cost and inconvenience of wired sensor installations.
  • No capex costs for software development, upgrades or database licenses – simply subscribe to ourĀ YAVA Cloud Software.
  • No maintenance and hosting costs for dedicated servers. Our YAVA software operates from our cloud server.
  • No need for headcount to maintain sensors and installations. Our field engineers will do this for you.



  • Capex-free solutions
  • Manage your sites remotely
  • Reduce logitics & operational costs
  • Data anywhere, anytime.



  • Metering
  • Gas detection
  • Tank monitoring
  • Utilities network monitoring (pressure, level, flow, etc)
  • Environment / Indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring (temperature, humidity, light, etc)

Any application with measurable data is a potential application. The possibilities are limitless!

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